Transforming Dreams into Reality: Papakura City FC’s Remarkable Clubhouse Redevelopment

A Testament to Dedication, Unity, and the Power of Community in Football

The Wiri Licensing Trust are extremely lucky to have played a small part in supporting Papakura City FC to achieve the amazing uplift of their home facility and grounds. The work that has been achieve is testament to the power of dedicated volunteers, staff, contractors and a thriving football community. The key individuals involved (who we know would prefer to go unnamed) have worked tirelessly to refurbish the clubrooms transforming the space into a warm and welcoming second home.

It has been extremely fulfilling to see the club open its doors for the Women’s Football World Cup allowing members to watch the action together!

The clubhouse and surrounding fields are now a quality and vibrant hub where players and supporters alike can come together to share their love for the beautiful game. We take great pride in supporting this remarkable initiative and are confident that this redevelopment will provide invaluable opportunities for all current and future members. We look forward to returning to the cozy clubrooms and seeing members sharing in the laughter of success hopefully more often than post match commiserations. These are the moments that the true spirit of community sport shines the brightest!

Kim Green
Author: Kim Green