Employee Enrolment

If you have had your interview and received your Employment Offer you can complete this form which will provide all the relevant details we require to onboard you properly. 



You will need;

  • A copy of your IR 330 Form (Orange Tax Code Declaration)
  • A copy of your KS2 Form (Green Kiwisaver deduction form)
These forms should have been provided to you along with your IEA / Employment agreement. If you do not have them please ask your Manager for them. 



You will also need to upload a copy/image of;

  • A copy of your First Aid Certificate (if applicable)
  • A copy / photo of your Drivers Licence / Passport or Photo ID  


Once you have all of these items you can complete your Employee onboarding. This form does not save part progress so please have them before you start. 


Once complete we have all the relevant information to pay you accurately and support you well in your employment with Wiri Licensing Trust


Welcome to the team!!

useful forms

This form will help you choose the correct Tax Code on the form. You will need a printed and signed copy of this also. 

This form is required if you are a KiwiSaver member or wish to become one. 

Complete your enrolment!

WLT - Employee Enrolment Form

Please remember that, the form will be confidential and will be used for only internally; 

Personal Details


Banking Details


Emergency Contact Details