Our purpose is to positively influence our local community through nurturing relationships, networks and organisations that do good in our hood.

We are a community owned business that responsibly manages two hospitality venues and a portfolio of commercial real estate assets in South Auckland. We are governed by people elected directly from our community to ensure accountability and alignment to our purpose.

The Wiri Licensing Trust gives back to our local community with donations, grants and sponsorships. We have given back over $60,000 in direct sponsorships and grants from profits of our commercial operations over the last year.

The net proceeds from Trillian Trust gaming machines located in our hospitality venues are also distributed each year to local community groups. In the past year, close to $2,000,000 was distributed to groups in the Wiri Licensing Trust community.

Our community is wonderfully diverse, energetic and progressive. There are so many good people working hard in our community to make this a wonderful place to live. The Wiri Licensing Trust wants to be connected and available to help these groups nurture sporting, cultural and community interests as we move with the times. Our new logo incorporates a wide range of colours inspired by local sports teams, schools, community groups and national flags to reflect that inclusivity and positivity.

So, if you live in the Wiri Licensing Trust area, our business is your business too! So, let’s get together to give back to the causes, initiatives and organisations that are striving to make our community a better place to live, work and play.

Our area

The Wiri Licensing Trust boundary contains an exciting, growing, vibrant and diverse community which we are dedicated to supporting. The area is more or less is bounded by the Southern Motorway, the Manukau Harbour and Puhinui Road.