Nurturing Brighter Futures: Wiri Licensing Trust’s Support for Taonga Education Centre

Empowering Teenage Mothers through Nurturing and Nutrition

The Taonga Education Centre holds a special place in our hearts, and the Wiri Licensing Trust is immensely proud to have the opportunity to offer our support. The General Manager, Kim, and one of our venue Duty Managers, Corqshy, consider themselves extremely lucky to witness the firsthand impact of the organization’s work.

The center’s dedication to empowering young teenage mothers who often arrive with very little, either pregnant or with their infants, is truly inspiring. At the heart of this haven is a house that serves as a nurturing space where these mothers are taught the essential skills of self-care and infant upbringing. We recognize the paramount role that nutrition plays in their journey, and the renovation of their kitchen stands as a testament to our commitment to their well-being. This upgraded kitchen equips these resilient mothers with the means to prepare nourishing meals, not only fueling their own bodies but also ensuring the optimal health and development of their children.

The Wiri Licensing Trust is honored to contribute to this invaluable initiative, empowering these young mothers to create brighter futures for themselves and their precious ones.

Kim Green
Author: Kim Green